A Housing Cooperative
for Active Seniors

Spacious one bedroom unit available. Call Betty at 608-576-3989.

Homestead Cooperative of Mt. Horeb
Homestead Cooperative of Mt. Horeb

Homestead Cooperative of Mt. Horeb is designed for active seniors, 55+, who want an entirely maintenance-free lifestyle with all the financial benefits of home ownership. Appreciate the quiet of small town living in picturesque Mount Horeb, with all the amenities of Madison a short distance away. Enjoy socializing with your neighbors at one of our community activities or visit with your family in your own home. Live here while you work or enjoy it during your retirement years. Live independently and travel free of worry about your home!

As a resident member of your senior cooperative, you will be able to sit back and enjoy life. The lawn care, landscaping, snow removal, building upkeep, and more are all cared for. This gives free time to enjoy friends and family.

Our Homestead Cooperative includes 24 one and two bedroom units with various floor plans.

Homestead Cooperative is more than just a place to live. It leads to participation in the ownership and operation of the Cooperative. Some features of Cooperative ownership are:

  1. Each home has a share in the Cooperative.
  2. Federal/state income tax deductions for real estate taxes.
  3. Cooperative is operated democratically, each home has a vote.
  4. Board of Directors' responsibilities include operating policies, budget issues, operating committees.
  5. Operations involve no profit margin to an outside owner.
  6. Maintenance costs are minimized.

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